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I WANNA BE A COWBOY.... Join us for a fun-filled day of hands on learning. We start the day with the basic technical training, and move into ground roping, mounted roping and more!

Learn for fun or learn for work on your own ranch. No matter what your motivation is, we can guarantee you'll have a blast doing it, and will get some great pictures too!

Contact us for more details or to book a course at your place!

Cowgirls and Cabernet

$90.00 plus GST, 3-hour Workshop

Tired of the same old boring after work activities? Looking for a fun new way to burn off steam? Join us for a Western night of Cowboy fun! In a safe, supportive environment, learn how to swing a real lariat! This three-hour workshop will teach you how to lasso the kids when they’re running around driving you crazy! Rope Stanley the dummy steer, play Rope Tag, and get to know some fun new friends! No previous horse, riding, or roping experience needed!

After the roping lesson, mingle with our instructor and your new Roping Buddies over wine, cheese, and crackers!

Level 1 Working Ranch Roping

$435.00 + GST Full Two Day Clinic 9am-4:30pm

Group Discount available- groups of two or more receive 10% off each registration ($391.50 + GST)

Coffee, snacks, water, and lunch provided.

This clinic is for anyone who wants to learn how to rope in the Ranch Roping Style. Participants must have riding experience. You will learn how to properly coil a rope, twirl a loop, throw a loop, rope dummies from the ground and horseback. Conditioning the horse to the rope and to dragging the dummy. You will also learn how to properly dally, keep your horse faced up to the dummy and steer, drag the dummy and steer, head and heel the dummy and steer. Tying down a steer and retrieving ropes with a four to five-man crew (doctoring) and learning some beginner fancy loops will round out the clinic. By the end of this two-day clinic, participants will know how to rope, control, position, trip down, and doctor a steer, as well as removing their partners ropes from the tied down animal. Participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement upon completion of this course and will be able to continue to Level 2 Working Ranch Roping.

We work on things like proper arm, hand, and shoulder movement and positioning, as well as how to aim your loop. This is a great way to increase your skill in a low pressure environment, where it doesn't matter if you miss the first loop, because the animal isn't going anywhere. I know from firsthand experience how frustrating it is to learn how to rope when you absolutely NEED to catch that steer or else it's going to escape. This is a fun and safe learning environment that is designed to allow everyone to increase their skill, no matter what level they are at when they come into the arena.

Advanced Working Ranch Roping

$375.00 + GST Full Two Day Clinic 9am-4:30pm

Certification in Level 1 Working Ranch Roping is required before moving on to this clinic, as we will be building upon skills learned in the Level 1. Skills to learn will include three and two-man doctoring, cattle tracking on the end of a rope, long loop catches, hip loops, front foot catches, trap loops. Participants will learn how to trip cattle down without using a ground man, in order to do two-man doctoring. Horses will learn how to properly hold the rope tight so that the rider can get off, treat the animal, remove the rope, and return to the horse. One man steer tripping and doctoring will round out the clinic. Fancy loops and catches will also be practiced. 

Participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement upon completion of this course. Coffee, water, snacks, and lunch are all provided.

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