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Why Us?

At Rocking Star Ranch Equine you are treated like a member of the family. Your time is 

valuable, and we maximize every minute with you and/or your horse to ensure we are

 bringing out the best in both of you. We believe in you. We believe in your horse.

Vance Wyatt is the founder of Rocking Star Ranch Equine. He holds a degree in Kinesiology, which he has translated over into exceptional horse and rider development.

Vance is certified coach and trainer in Equine Assisted Personal Development, Equine Assisted Corporate Development, and Equine Communication Patterns.

Vance is also a skilled ranch roper and a certified equine first aid and wilderness first aid instructor with Equi-Health Canada.   

He holds vast experience in horse training, and from colt starting to performance horses he will bring out the best your horse has to offer. Vance believes that every horse has great potential, and so does every rider.

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