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Customer Testimonials

After getting back into riding after 7 years, this was the first ever clinic I had ever taken.  I found it a real eye opener and I learned lots.  I felt more confident and happier at working with my first ever horse at the age of 50 and a horse aged 13 that hadn't been ridden for 15 months.  Thank you so much Vance, it was great!

Tracy Edgar, Equine Communication Patterns Clinic

Thank you for such an informative and interactive clinic!

Maria- Prairie Skies Equine Assisted Therapy Volunteer Coordinator, Equine Communication Patterns Clinic

This was awesome!

Kerry Sherman- Prairie Skies Equine Assisted Therapy Corporate Secretary, Equine Communication Patterns Clinic

(Equine Communication Patterns) was an awesome clinic!  A lot of useful information.  Loved when we were able to see the horses reactions after learning about them in the morning.  Loved the relaxed atmosphere!

Maureen Hardie, Equine Communication Patterns Clinic