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Introduction to Working Cattle

$195.00 + GST Full One Day Clinic

Introduction to Working Cattle is for novice and competent riders who wish to introduce their horses to cattle work. In a safe, controlled environment, participants will learn how to move small groups of cattle, cut single animals out of a group, work cattle up and down a fence, and more! We will be focusing on learning how cattle and horses respond to pressure, and how to use that knowledge to increase you and your horses’ cattle working capabilities. Participants will learn how to quietly and calmly work cattle in a ranch setting.

Participants will work with cattle as a group and on their own. This helps to build up the riders and the horse’s confidence. All work will be done at a pace that is comfortable for all participants. This clinic is a great starting point for anyone who is looking to improve their cutting and sorting knowledge or looking to move into competitive work. It is also very important knowledge for anyone wanting to work on ranches or who has their own cattle to look after.

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