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DID YOU KNOW? Horses know your mood.... sometimes before you do. They react to us in certain ways depending on what is in our hearts and minds that day, and there is a SCIENCE to it!  

Join us for a one-day intensive course to learn not just the subtle ways horses communicate with each other, but how they are reading you and trying understand you better.

You will be amazed at what your horse already knows!

Contact us for more details!

Equine Communication Patterns

$190.00 + GST

Full One Day Clinic 9am-4pm

Using scientific case studies from around the world, we have put together this in-depth clinic to teach people how to understand what their horse is trying to tell them. Using heart rate, breathing, electromagnetic impulses, eye movement, head carriage, facial features, and more, we can learn how to understand the magic of the horse. Everyone knows the feeling of calmness that comes over you when you walk into a barn with 30 horses, but WHY does this happen? WHY does your horse spook before seeing that culvert that you know is around the next corner? WHY does your horse change his ear positioning and alertness depending on where he is standing within the herd or on the trail? Just how sensitive is your horse? 

This clinic will teach you the answer to these questions. Using examples of Human-to-Horse, Horse-to-Human, and Horse-to-Horse exercises, this clinic will demonstrate the different ways that horses communicate with us and with each other. There will also be demonstrations of herd dynamics and many pictures of horses in therapeutic and training situations.

Coffee, water, snacks, and lunch are all included, and all participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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