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At Rocking Star Ranch we offer a wide variety of clinics to suit every horse owner's needs. You can join us at one of our scheduled clinics, or grab a group of friends and we will come to you!

Click to learn more about attending or hosting one of our:

Roping Clinics - learn to rope like a true cowboy in a fun and supportive group setting!

EAPD - Equine Assisted Personal Development - learn to bring out the best in yourself in a confidential and encouraging environment. Work through past hurts, build confidence, discover the YOU you never knew existed - all with an equine partner at your side.

ECP - Equine Communication Patterns - learn the science behind how a horse reads your emotions and moods. Why is he looking at you with a dominant left eye? Why is he focused on your abdomen? Your horse will speak.... and we will teach you how to listen.

EQUINE FIRST AID - If you own a horse its' not IF but when you'll be faced with an emergency. Learn how to prevent injury, detect pain spots in your horse, take vital signs, recognize digestive distress, and be prepared to handle any emergency.

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