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Everything Equine

Welcome to Rocking Star Ranch Equine!

Rocking Star Ranch Equine is a full-service equine business, where everything we do is for both you and your horse.

With over 20 years of extensive and varied horse background, let Rocking Star Ranch Equine be your first choice for all things horse.

Check out just a few of our many services below:

 Ranch Roping Clinics 

Join us for a heart pounding day of fun and learning as you take your horse.. and you... through the paces! With Basic, Advanced, and just plain fun Ranch Roping Clinics and Workshops, we'll have you working a cow like an old time cowboy in no time!

Our Philosophy

Working in style of training that combines a gentle hand, firmness, and overall horsemanship, Rocking Star Ranch Equine conducts all clinics and equine interactions with a gentle hand and enthusiastic attitude.

Equine First Aid

Rocking Star Ranch Equine is owned by Vance Wyatt, a certified instructor in basic and advanced wilderness first aid for Equi-Health Canada. Enroll in a course and learn how you can help your horse in even the most extreme situations. His life may just depend on it.

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